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We are planning a much more comprehensive resources page here, but in the present emergency here are resources that we hope will immediately be of help to teachers, students and parents

These will be added to often, so bookmark and keep watching.

The Halle Orchestra

The Halle’s new YouTube series of bite sized info:
Geek of the week:

If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about instruments or playing in an orchestra then get in contact using #geekoftheweek and we will do our best to answer your question!

Welcome to our new video series #geekoftheweek in which our musicians will talk about some of the more unusual sides of their jobs and instruments.

In this first video cellist Simon Turner talks about where rosin comes from and it’s uses.

Useful Links

Team Tutti is a completely free self-guided interactive music experience for KS2 children, using animated characters to deliver fun and engaging lesson content including creative challenges and quizzes to promote a deeper dive into making music using technology.

Quaver Music – Online music curriculum development for Grades Pre-K to 8 (Ages)

A comprehensive list of the apps used by Ben Sellers at Transformance Music - used in classroom, instrumental teaching and ALN/SEND settings

Chrome MusicLab
is a very good simple music tech resource,

Use in conjunction with MrTingTeaches.

Here are some useful music tech PDF downloads from ‘Shed The Music’.

Music Theory anyone? Check out the free lessons - also links to ‘Theory Lessons’ and ‘Tenuto’ for iPhone and iPad.

Lots of online links for all subjects, including music:

Katie Wardrobe – Australian Music Tech educationist website.

Please stop asking how to create a virtual choir video’ post!

David Ross Education Trust: #DRETlistentothis on Twitter. Every weekday lunchtime: a guided video introduction to a great piece of music, followed by a complete performance. Perfect for you lunch break at home!

Acapella app. Let’s you record, synchronize and share songs, good for multiple-part vocal/instrumental parts

And here’s how to use it with Gina Luciani

Gina Luciani – online flute resources, videos, tips and tricks

‘A Level Music’ Support from Tom Pankhurst.

The Verge – Free Music Apps

The Shed: Remote Learning Resources

‘Music Tech Teacher’ by Karen Garrett. Fun Music Quizzes.

‘I Can Compose’ by Rachel Shapey

MusIQ (pronounced Music) is a resource companion for teaching, learning and revising for GCSE Music.

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Here is a link to the Leicestershire Schools Music Technology Projects page:
They are supporting 3 other music services currently in helping them to deliver these projects. There are short videos that give an overview of each project. . All of the units of work are led via slides and video tutorials.

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Please feel welcome to link to a page on their sites where free iOS Music apps (and free browsers music applications) are listed, very roughly, into key stages:

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