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We are planning a much more comprehensive resources page here, but in the present emergency here are resources that we hope will immediately be of help to teachers, students and parents

These will be added to often, so bookmark and keep watching.

From Gateway

Audio version of this soon.

From JAMES Support

Our good friend Mike Banks at Record Production and SSL invite us to share the hundreds of interviews with Producers on their site

Terry Ackland-Snow and Wendy Laybourn. The Art of Illusion about Production Design for Film and Television

Lots of valuable info. by ex students some who have taken unexpected career paths and loving them.
Composing, Production, Broadcast, Film, Games.

A primer on acoustics particularly in relation to PA

In modern pop music – and many other genres – the lead vocals are generally the most important element. George Shilling ( reveals some tricks of the trade with a bit of spill from Dave Ward.

A general production breakdown

A brief look at the many opportunities and roles available in Feature Film Making.

Some thoughts on stress and how to survive it.


Some drum tracks tuned and untuned

Drum tracks to play with in your DAW

To go with the drum tracks downloads

At TiME UK accessability to Music Making for everyone is very important to us

From Take it Away at Creative United

Youth Music and Charanga


Youth Music and Charanga partnered to launch a new electronic music competition to find some of the best electronic dance music tracks produced on VIP Studio Sessions.

Learn more here

Free Course at the Open University

This free course, Recording music and sound, provides an historical introduction to music and sound recording and offers some guidance about making your own recordings, should you wish to do so. Many of the processes that have been developed and the issues that have been raised in the first 150 years of recording are still relevant today, and a solid grounding in them will help you understand the wide range of recording techniques currently in use.

This OpenLearn course is an adapted extract from the Open University course A232 Music, sound and technology.

New Book. Insights in Sound. Visually Impaired Musicians' Lives and Learning

Music has long been a way in which visually impaired people could gain financial independence, excel at a highly-valued skill, or simply enjoy musical participation. Existing literature on visual impairment and music includes perspectives from the social history of music, ethnomusicology, child development and areas of music psychology, music therapy, special educational needs, and music education, as well as more popular biographical texts on famous musicians. But there has been relatively little sociological research bringing together the views and experiences of visually impaired musicians themselves across the life course. Insights in Sound: Visually Impaired Musicians’ Lives and Learning aims to increase knowledge and understanding both within and beyond this multifaceted group. Through an international survey combined with life-history interviews, a vivid picture is drawn of how visually impaired musicians approach and conceive their musical activities, with detailed illustrations of the particular opportunities and challenges faced by a variety of individuals. Baker and Green look beyond affiliation with particular musical styles, genres, instruments or practices. All 'levels' are included: from adult beginners to those who have returned to music-making after a gap; and from 'regular' amateur and professional musicians, to some who are extraordinarily 'elite' or 'successful'. Themes surrounding education, training, and informal learning; notation and ear playing; digital technologies; and issues around disability, identity, opportunity, marginality, discrimination, despair, fulfilment, and joy surfaced, as the authors set out to discover, analyse, and share insights into the worlds of these musicians.

New Book. Women in Audio

Women in Audio features almost 100 profiles and stories of audio engineers who are women and have achieved success throughout the history of the trade. Beginning with a historical view, the book covers the achievements of women in various audio professions and then focuses on organizations that support and train women and girls in the industry.

Women in Audio is a valuable resource for professionals, educators, and students looking to gain insight into the careers of trailblazing women in audio-related fields and represents required reading for those looking to add diversity to their music technology programs.

Discover more here, and purchase in paperback, hardback or eBook.

Useful Links

Team Tutti is a completely free self-guided interactive music experience for KS2 children, using animated characters to deliver fun and engaging lesson content including creative challenges and quizzes to promote a deeper dive into making music using technology.

Quaver Music – Online music curriculum development for Grades Pre-K to 8 (Ages)

A comprehensive list of the apps used by Ben Sellers at Transformance Music - used in classroom, instrumental teaching and ALN/SEND settings

Chrome MusicLab
is a very good simple music tech resource,

Use in conjunction with MrTingTeaches.

Here are some useful music tech PDF downloads from ‘Shed The Music’.

Music Theory anyone? Check out the free lessons - also links to ‘Theory Lessons’ and ‘Tenuto’ for iPhone and iPad.

Lots of online links for all subjects, including music:

Katie Wardrobe – Australian Music Tech educationist website.

Please stop asking how to create a virtual choir video’ post!

David Ross Education Trust: #DRETlistentothis on Twitter. Every weekday lunchtime: a guided video introduction to a great piece of music, followed by a complete performance. Perfect for you lunch break at home!

Acapella app. Let’s you record, synchronize and share songs, good for multiple-part vocal/instrumental parts

And here’s how to use it with Gina Luciani

Gina Luciani – online flute resources, videos, tips and tricks

‘A Level Music’ Support from Tom Pankhurst.

The Verge – Free Music Apps

The Shed: Remote Learning Resources

‘Music Tech Teacher’ by Karen Garrett. Fun Music Quizzes.

‘I Can Compose’ by Rachel Shapey

MusIQ (pronounced Music) is a resource companion for teaching, learning and revising for GCSE Music.

Videos and Tutorials

The Halle Orchestra

The Halle’s new YouTube series of bite sized info:
Geek of the week:

If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about instruments or playing in an orchestra then get in contact using #geekoftheweek and we will do our best to answer your question!

Welcome to our new video series #geekoftheweek in which our musicians will talk about some of the more unusual sides of their jobs and instruments.

In this first video cellist Simon Turner talks about where rosin comes from and it’s uses.

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Here is a link to the Leicestershire Schools Music Technology Projects page:
They are supporting 3 other music services currently in helping them to deliver these projects. There are short videos that give an overview of each project. . All of the units of work are led via slides and video tutorials.

Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service

Please feel welcome to link to a page on their sites where free iOS Music apps (and free browsers music applications) are listed, very roughly, into key stages:

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