Technology in Education in Arts

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Music Technology and Production is an ideal vehicle for teaching STEM subjects.

All the subjects below are included in MT Skills.


Physics, Acoustics, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Force……

IT, software, coding, interfaces, formats…..

Engineering: Hardware design, digital storage design and maintenance, planning……

Mathematics: Acoustics, music intervals, pitch and timing……

Why would Music Technology be a beneficial subject to have in schools?

The processes used in MT and Music Production involve:

Literacy, numeracy and mathematics, history, poetry, DJing

IT skills, music and creativity, critical thinking, music production
Communication and social skills, personal development

Copyright and awareness of law, business skills and enterprise

In fact MT could be used as a creative and integrated base for teaching much of the curriculum. Using the IT aspects of MT, could enable many schools to retain Music as part of the curriculum where it is under great threat.

Most Middle and Secondary Schools will have computer suites and adding MT to those suites would be easy and cost-effective.

MT has proven to be an extremely useful tool in engaging students with special education needs and disabilities (SEND).

MT has the potential to offer inclusive access to every student in education.

Given that MT implementation does not need to be expensive, there is huge potential to create cultural opportunities in deprived areas.

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