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In these difficult times Steinberg have a range of help and support for teachers.

New Steinberg VIdeo Guide pdf

Cubase Elements.
Teachers could ask students to download the free 30 days trial of Cubase Elements.

Cubase Artist & Pro. Teaches could lend (sign out?) Cubase Artist and Pro dongles to students to borrow, take home and use.

FREE - Cubase LE. Teachers can ask Richard Llewellyn (UK Education Manager for Steinberg) or tel: 07841 516 066) for free Digital Access Codes for their students to have (own/keep). Works on both Mac and PC.

Dorico SE. Teachers can direct their students to the brilliant Dorico SE webpages and the students can download it directly from Steinberg's website.

Dorico Webinar. Teachers and students could watch the recent ISM Dorico Webinar.

YouTube Videos: Teachers could send links to their students to do with certain elements of our software e.g. ‘Chord Assistant’ and our 9 minute long ‘How You Can Use Cubase to Produce Music/What You Can Do with Cubase’ YouTube video by Dom Sigalas

They could also check out our ‘Spotlight’ videos for interviews with world famous musicians.

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