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At TiME we value all Music Education very highly. We would love you to join the TiME family. This is for teachers, parents, students, support staff, heads, managers, careers advisors and techies. It is also for opinion formers who need information and finance departments who need advice. By registering we will be able to keep you up to date with new developments, support, networking and any ideas you have or needs we can fulfil. Our newsletter comes monthly.

TiME is a C.I.C (Community Interest Company) made up of an alliance of many Creative Industry organisations who see the potential of Music Technology to complement Music Making across all genres and ages. One of our roles is to foster inclusive Music Making for everyone.

By registering you will also be able to join our forum, dedicated to Music Technology and the Care initiatives for everyone.

In these difficult times we consider the CARE for everyone of utmost importance. Over several years we have developed very effective ways of dealing with stress and fostering resilience. We want to share these with you and develop Caring Networks for all involved in Music Education.

Please join us by registering. We will be happy. Of course all information is kept confidential.

The TiME Team.


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