JAMES and TiME are sister organisations who work very closely together.
We share values and vision.

JAMES is a consortium of music, entertainment and media industry organisations collaborating in the support of education and promotion of excellence.

Assessed by industry professionals, we engage with education primarily through our Course Accreditation process which is designed to endorse relevance, quality and continuing innovation throughout the student curriculum.

This not only equips students for a rapidly changing industry, but also ensures that many years of industry experience are not lost to future generations.

JAMES continues to promote supportive links between between industry and education. JAMES is a recognised PSRB (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body) for undergraduate higher education courses. UNISTATS reference ‘ACC Type 10101’.

A principal function of JAMES is Course Accreditation for courses appropriate for UK and International work in the Music and Entertainment Industries.

We also supply consultation to educationalists in course content and design and sit on validation panels.

As well as providing valuable workshops and seminars for students, JAMES officers also act as industry based External Examiners and are available to take part in events such as industry panels at exhibitions.

JAMES also publish valuable resouces in Business Skills and Copyright, Health Hearing, Wellbeing and Covid-19 safety guidlines See the site below.