The Joe Blackmore Interview

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Joe is a talented Clarion player and in this interview he explains how it works and describes his experience of playing. Joe has cerebral palsy and uses eye gaze technology both to communicate and play music.

Last year Joe was involved in a performance with the LSO of Sheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. Joe’s group LSO Create, had three days of workshops creating their own parts to fit in with the orchestra. Joe played his Clarion software.

The music was performed as part of in an evening concert on the Barbican main stage with the LSO. Other groups involved in the project were LSO Digital Technology Group, LSO Discovery Senior Choir and LSO On Track Next Generation.

Clarion was developed in 2007 by Doug Bott, Duncan Gillard and Barry Farrimond

Joe how would you describe yourself?
I am funny, clever and quite cool. I love music and hanging out with friends.

What is Clarion? Can you tell us what it is and how you started playing it?
I started playing Clarion about three years ago. It’s an accessible instrument that can be played with any part of the body including the head, feet or in my case the eyes. It’s especially good for people who can’t use their hands.
When I play Clarion I look at different coloured circles on my computer. Each of these circles has a note and sound programmed in to it.
I am working towards being able to play to a beat and to be able to play more complex melodies.

Who do you play with?
I regularly collaborate on compositions and perform Clarion with Soundbox and LSO Create. Playing it makes me feel very happy and very proud.

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