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'Connectivity ' is a collaborative and innovative series of three online events delivered in partnership with Technology in Music Education UK (TiME), UK Music, Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub (LMEH) and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), the Music Industries Association (MIA), JAMES, Creative United, Music Mark and the Musicians Union (MU). It is supported with funding from the Arts Council.

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Event 1 - Music Technology and Music Hubs

Wednesday 24th February 2021 4pm to 6pm
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About this Event

Session 1: Embedding Music Technology in Music Hubs - 4pm to 4.50pm

David Ward (TiME) introduces Bridget Whyte (Chief Executive Music Mark)

Brad Smith (LMEH) presents a discussion on the development of the music technology education offer in the Leicester Music Education Hub, discussing how this has developed, progressed and become an embedded offer, and the type of activities and approaches that are being successfully used.

Session 2: Pathways to Progression - Panel discussion and Q&A - 5pm to 6pm

A panel discussion on how Music Hubs are approaching training and qualifications to support a progressive journey to careers in music.
Panellists: Brad Smith (Assistant Head, LMEH), Jess Orestano (Music Technology Peripatetic, NMPAT), Tim Bennett-Hart (Director of Academic, RSL (Rockschool), Ross Kenning (Music Lead - Music Technology and Pupil Achievement, Ealing Music Service) and John Calcott (Music Technology Lead, NMPAT).

Event 2: Connectivity: Industry, Education and Community Pathways - (TiME)

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 – 4pm to 6pm
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About this Event

Session 1: Music Industry Organisations and Education - 4pm to 4.50pm

Oliver Morris (Director of Education & Skills, UK Music) will present an introduction to UK Music and the topic of ‘Connecting Industry and Education’.

This will be followed by a discussion on ‘What opportunities are there currently for educators, students and young people to connect with industry and develop the skills needed for a career in the industry? What could we do better? How do we support the development of the Entrepreneurial skills needed?'

Industry and Organisation Panellists: Oliver Morris (UK Music), Tim Bennett-Hart (Director of Academic RSL (Rockschool), Wendy Laybourn (JAMES and TiME Director of Film Studies), Ruth McPherson (ISM), David Barnard (MU) and Tanyel Gumishan (UK Music "Music Academic Partnership" (MAP) member).

Session 2: Community, Music and Progression Pathways - 5pm to 6pm

Presentation of ‘Connected Community Music’ Film - A case study following the journey of Tian Mhende (Musician) from participant to Music Leader.

Followed by panel discussion:

Panellists: Akshay Sharma (Leicester Music Education Hub), Naji Richards (Musician) Yasin El Ashrafi BEM (HQ Recording Studio), Tian Mhende (Freelance artist and music leader) and Estar (Independent Young Artist).

Event 3: New and Accessible Music Technology

Wednesday 10th March 2021 – 4pm to 6pm
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Photo credit: National Open Youth Orchestra with Clarion

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About this Event

Session 1: Accessible Music Technology - Panel Discussion - 4pm to 4.50pm

David Ward (TiME/JAMES) will lead a panel discussion looking at what the current situation is in regards to accessible music technology, finding out what is currently available, what is being developed. David talks with the panel about their work, what technology they use and what tech do they dream was available.

Presenters: Amy Dickens (Accessibility Ambassador), Mary-Alice Stack (Creative United), Irene Lo Coco (Chiltern Music Therapy) and Emmie Ward (Specialist music practitioner in Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD))

Session 2: New Music Technology - 5pm to 6pm

Innovators in Music Technology discuss their approaches to developing new Music Technology tools, what is in the pipeline. They will then present their inventions.

Presentations by: Tim Yates (Drake Music), Amy Dickens (Accessibility Ambassador), Liam Cutler (Vochlea), Ben Schogler (Skoog), Sam Aaron (Sonic-Pi), Simon Glennister (Noise Solution), and Sasha Pas (Playtronica).

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