Circle of Light

At TiME we are proud to join Circle of Light in breaking down barriers to music-making. We appreciate their experience and knowledge in diversity-driven policy.

Funded by Youth Music, Circle of Light gives 18-25 year old budding musicians and creatives the opportunity to work alongside some of the city’s leading artists and music professionals to learn the ropes of the industry and nurture their creativity.

No previous experience in music is required and all participants will be invited to attend a series of creative and practical workshops that aim to refine existing skills and develop new ones- all inspired by the groups passion for music.

The result of the project will be a collaborative album created by workshop participants and produced in partnership with some of Nottingham’s leading music industry professionals; including opportunities for live streamed performances.

Circle of Light is committed to breaking down barriers to music-making and operate a fully inclusive, diversity-driven policy to ensure that participants are given equal opportunities throughout all stages of the project, including the application process.