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Careers in Music

There are many Myths associated with the Music Industry.

One is "Music Technology is only for Boys in Bedrooms."

There are many careers in Music outside of bedrooms, across all genders, races, music types and social backgrounds.

The keywords are determination, creativity, good communication and leadership skills and resilience.

Another is "Its who you know that is important"

Wrong again!!!
It's who knows you that is important.

There are literally hundreds of different careers in Music. Some people do three or more at the same time. A Portfolio Career.

You might be a performer and songwriter but at the same time a manager, designer or barkeep.

The keywords here are good basic business skills, marketing skills, technical awareness, getting on with people and yes again determination and imagination.

There are many more myths mostly rubbish. It is a tough business but so are all the Creative Industries. It is also very rewarding. A good education in Music and Technology is a great advantage, but like all creative industries you start at the bottom. If you are good at your job, don't mind getting your hands dirty and make people happy, you can rise very quickly.

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