CARE means Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education

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Let's move from This to This.

People who Feel Good do Good

Corona Virus

What we can do for Our Selves

Stress on the nervous system lowers the effectiveness of our Immune Systems. In the present emergency, that is the last thing we need. Whilst we cannot remove the causes of the stress we can choose to change how we react to it.

We can choose to build Resilience to the stress.

Developing Positive Thinking is great but probably more important is developing Positive Feelings. Here we have given some very effective exercises and on other pages we have included some ideas of the theory behind them.

Here are also links to HeartmindGlobal where you will find so much more.

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Here is a simple but most powerful exercise that goes with our Thoughts on Stress No 1. Click here to go there.

You can download this audio exercise to use peacefully offline


Here are some more

Relaxation Exercise

This Exercise to bring Calm
is for the
"Rest of your Life"

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Temple of Silence in the City

Try this for peace and quite
when there is too much
"busy-ness" in Life

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Heart Smiling for Calmness

Smiling brings peace, joy
and hormonal change
into our daily lives.

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Rapid changes in the Education systems, often politically driven, are producing almost constant stress. More testing, more administration, more paperwork, shortening budgets are only some of the factors. More is expected of us in ever shortening time-scales.

The stress effects our professional and personal lives, it effects our decisions, our choices, our professional attitudes, our communications with colleagues and most of all our work with those that we care for and are supposed to be teaching.

Constant change of concepts, techniques and technology take their toll on not just teaching but also administration and support staff, who all care deeply but are becoming very stressed.

In organisations this results in reduced efficiency, increased absenteeism and difficult relationships. All these create declining performance, inefficient meetings and often the fear of our jobs.

At TiME, wellness and positive feelings are very important to us. We have developed simple and effective steps to Stress release Resilience. As we practice the Dynamic Calm© techniques we are able to almost instantly experience calm. As we feel appreciation and other positive emotions, we feel the calmness invigorating and refreshing us.

Our hormone system switches from the stress hormone Cortisol to the regenerating hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

With HeartMind Global we are developing a comprehensive system especially for teachers and educators. We integrate the very latest research into neuroscience, positive psychology, biofeedback, psychophysiology, heart energies, immunology and computer technology to achieve these goals of wellbeing
Learn more here

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