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Brilliant Video from Noise Solution

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Turning the Tables in Leicestershire

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Compose the World

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Music Brings Joy

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Future DJs

Who are TIME?

TIME is an alliance of Music Industry Organisations, Educators and Practitioners in U.K. We are dedicated to making sure that the great potential of Music Technology and Production is realised in Education.

TiME is a registered Community Interest Company (C.I.C). Our full name is Technology in Music Education C.I.C. Registered No. Companies House: 11997040.

Our teams are made up of music and entertainment industry professionals who work at the the highest levels. See Timely People

What do We Value?

We value the joy of music making. We value how music making fosters confidence and resilience. We value how music making enhances learning in all subjects and at all ages.

We value Innovation, planning for the future, impact and excellence.

We value holistic approaches to education and organisational skills. We value human potential.

We value sustainability; economic, emotional and environmental.

Our Job, Mission and Vision in several nutshells is to:

Raise Awareness of the potential Music Technology in Education, in Government, Hubs, Schools and with Teachers.

Lobby and Inform Opinion Formers.

Liaise with our industry, organisational and educational partners to create impact

Supply relevant and appropriate training for teachers, opinion formers, funders, parents and learners.

Train practitioners as peripatetic teachers thus creating employment.

Encourage inclusivity and gender balance.

Bring together practitioners to share good practice.

Create systems that are easily workable in schools.

Publicise the great work that people are doing with MT in Education.

Our Many Friends and Supporters
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