This page is devoted to all the aspects of Music Technology in Special Needs

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TiME to Focus on Special Needs

Our ethic at TiME is to support not only Music for All but also Music Technology for All. The Accessibility of Music Technology to those with Special Educational Needs and the challenges of Disabilities is paramount to our work in raising the awareness of the great potential that Music Technology and Production affords to all areas of engagement in Music.

Music Technology started, arguably, when someone started banging two sticks together to signal danger or dinner. Today there are many pioneers, often working in isolation, putting into practice their vision for how Music Technology can benefit society and bring the joy of music making available to everyone especially our children.

Our job is to make a place where all these creatives can come together and help us show manufacturers and suppliers how to build in "accessibility" at the design stage.

We are proud to work with Creative United on the Take it Away project and recommend the download of their excellent Guide to buying Adaptive Musical Instruments (Download here)

Areas of Disability

There are many attempts to categorise and enumerate disabilities. Here are a few.

    • Currently around 10% of the world's population, or roughly 650 million people, live with a disability. (Disabled-world)
  • Around 15 per cent of the world’s population, or estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities. They are the world’s largest minority. (WHO)

Here are some different type of disabilities, by no means exhaustive:

• vision Impairment • deaf or hard of hearing • mental health conditions • intellectual disability • acquired brain injury • autism spectrum disorder • physical disability.

Some people suffer from all these. From very early years to seniors. We know how music can bring relief from suffering. Imagine how much suffering could be released by more accessibility to music and music making. Our job is to raise awareness of the potential.

There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK. - 8% of children are disabled - 19% of working age adults are disabled - 45% of pension age adults are disabled